The fragile, strange thing called life.

We recently had the news that one of the great actors in Hollywood, Harrison Ford, was in a plane crash. He is ok, no worries. But this incident brings me back to Paul Walker‘s violent death and my so-healthy-father’s death. It should make us think that life is not eternal. As much as the human body is an extraordinary machine, as much it’s weak and fragile.

We tend to forget it. So we are reckless and take everything for granted. But we could just cross the street and BAM! That’s it. Ends there. Or a simple routine blood work could suddenly announce that you have 3 months to live.

My father died in 2010 if I remember well. Cancer. I never had a good relationship with him, but I still was his princess and he was my dad. My dad was the typical man: showing feelings is a weakness, doesn’t believe in sickness, never cries and unable to “speak”. Surprising, I got once in a while, mostly in birthday cards of course, “Love you kid!”. My dad’s “ways” made everything so hard, my mom was on the edge of depression and in 1992, they had a divorce. And I will keep under silence the game he played behind my mom’s back while married. It got so bad after the divorce, that I stopped talking to him. Everything was always my fault, unable to talk things out, unable to be truthful. I stopped talking to him for 7 years.

Of course, he was the typical proud man, right? So I was the one that made the first step to talk to him again. Everything was better, but never did we made things clear on what happened. But I did made things straight. He was worst than a teenager sometimes. And then, the news: Colon Cancer. I was living at 2h hours from him, having a weird but not so bad relationship, working, tired… I wasn’t able to see him that much. I learned his passing a week after he died. My family on my father’s side are the worst I ever saw so far. I never had the chance to see him one last time. I never had the chance to talk to him one last time. Today, I still miss him. Of course. And have so many regrets.

That weird thing called life is not something that will last. We never know when our time will come or when we will lose a loved one. Please, remember to tell family, friends, spouses, that you love them, as often as possible, as you might never have the chance again. Cherish them and cherish life. Life goes at 1000 km/h… and like Ferris Bueller said: “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”


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