Really? You think it will save your relationship?

I just stumbled on this article about “allowing” your spouse to sleep with someone else as a part of reviving “something”. That is a subject that I can’t and will never agree with. Some say, for example, that it will prevent your spouse to cheat. Wait… what!? And it will reinforce the relationship, prevent separation, strengthen trust, etc. And this where I puke a little bit in my mouth while laughing out loud.

I agree that a small percentage of human beings on this planet might be able to live this way. Polygamy, many wives and so on. But even if they say they are able to live well with this, I am pretty sure that deep inside, they are scared as hell!

But the average earth walker? Once we have found our life partner, that we are happy, it’s a normal part to be scared to lose all of this. We all strive for an happy, stressless life, filled with love and support. This, I think we all agree.

Now, how can it prevent one to “cheat” and leave us? The only difference between being ok with this agreement and not, is that one you are aware of him sleeping around. And at the end, being allowed or not will not prevent your spouse to fall for this person and leave, even if they “still love you”. Some will say “well it’s because your relationship was overdue to end”. No. Sometimes, most of the time, the “first time” and “all new, all cute” feeling is very strong, fun. Is it enough to destroy a strong bond? I don’t think so. And then you’ll hear those who will say that like the animals on this planet, the human being is not made to be with one mate. People, make some research: Gibbons (monkey), swans, vultures, wolves, doves, bald eagles….  They stay with this one life partner through their lifetime.

I strongly believe that allowing your love one to flirt, sleep with another, is a dangerous game…. I have been cheated on twice, it was enough, so I will certainly not allow it. I am not saying to hold him or her tightly, but make things straight on your fears, beliefs and feelings. The roots of all long lasting healthy relationships are based on trust, truth, faithfulness, the ability to talk and share feelings…

Just thinking of my sweet darling, being in the arms of another girl, giving her ….. fuck no…


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