Star Wars, you can say that again!

Brace yourselves, the new Star Wars, the first under Disney’s control, is to be released at the end of this year. We already saw a teaser, if you haven’t, here you go:

What now? Of course all of us Star Wars fan are so excited we could piss our pants. Like when they announced episode I II and III. Even though we got a “how episode IV V and VI started”, we were not too impressed. Most probably having our expectations so high or because of Jar-Jar Binks…. They weren’t BAD, but… hum… ok.

Now, we are talking about episode VII. VII as in 6 people! But George Lucas, as you all know, kinda quit on this one. Disney and J.J.Abrams are dealing with it. But why do I have the feeling that some are gonna be burn at the stake by a colony of raging hardcore Star Wars fan if they fail to reach fans’ expectation? Oh! You think I am exaggerating, eh? I don’t think so. We are talking about a movie classic here, a legend. A movie that got right into the public’s imagination. A movie(s) that no one will refuse to see over and over again. Also, what I very happy about, is the fact that the characters/actors from our beloved original episodes are a part of the new one: Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher. It does makes the next episode better already, I wouldn’t have wanted to see Sandra Bullock as Princess Leia. For example, we all have seen Mortal Kombat, loved it, was waiting for the second one, but not having Christophe Lambert for Rayden, made me not want to see it.

So for now, I don’t think there’s much then this to say until we actually see it. And I’ll be the first at the door.



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