This world is going to hell.

I was browsing the web while watching the Habs game and an article caught my eye. You can find it here. I invite you to read it before continuing with my post…..

Done? Alright.

When I see this kind of news, I am not sure if I want to cry, scream, break something or simply someone’s face (the person who did this of course).

You will noticed throughout my blog journey, my cause is animal oriented. Not that I will find ok child or ederly abuse… But it’s not my cause/domain.

It’s absolutely incomprehensible to me that a human being, that is supposed to be able of compassion and love, are able to do this. A dog, the most loyal, loving, none-judgemental animal on the face of earth. The animal that even if you hurt them physically, will come back to you and pardon you (Remember that Yorkie set on fire story).

This is one of the many reasons that I am not really people oriented. That I have trouble trusting a human being. They can be so cruel, weither mentally or physically. And they have no remorse, not even an ounce of it.

So if someone had the guts to do this…. Imagine then what they could be capable of now… And this man or woman is now roaming freely.

Countries like Canada, the United-States, France, etc. have grown and change their views on pets in general. By-laws were created and are applied. Still those kind of events keep happening. People know they will get away more than an homicide and people won’t tell. If those laws could be strengthen, real prison time and more officers, it wouldn’t happen more than a man killing another man. People are not as scared to get caught… It’s just a dog or a cat, right?

I was an animal control officer before my employer screw 5 of us. I saw some sad scenes, saved a pack of 19 Huskies left to themselves, saved 30 domestic cats that were abused and not taken care of, saved a badly wounded dog from parasites and skin disease and that was emanciated and charged the owner, and so on… This world is going to hell. I have heard many times “it’s only a dog”. But this dog is alive, feels physical pain, hunger, love.

I really get speechless when it comes to this. I always been able to do my job, without letting any emotions out, knowing I am here to make a difference. Came back home, not disturbed, able to go on with my life. But when I see this kind of news elsewhere, I am unable to keep it together.

I wish animal control was more of a worldwide, regulated, special force kind of thing. Some autistic kids can’t live without their 4 pawed companion, PD’s need K9 help, your handicap relative can only fonction with her helping dog…. We need to protect them more and punish more.

As much as poorer countries needs to be educated on what cats and dogs are really. I have seen during some trips very happy dogs since they are free, well exercised but yet homeless… But they are not all like this…

If anyone plans a worldwide education/help project, call me, i’m in.



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