Schutzhund, a working dog sport from the basics.

We all know dog sports such as agilityflyball and freestyle. They are the most common ones in the dog world. But there’s one less well known sport that brings us to what certain dogs were bred for. Schutzhund. Dogs in the shepherd family that will include the German Shepherd and the Malinois, to name only a couple, were dogs bred for protection, herding and tracking. Those breed are used by police force and military around the world for these capabilities.

Schutzhund keeps the basics alive when it comes to guard dogs. It’s not a “canine sport” that everyone will be okay with. Mostly hardcore dog fanatics that thinks that dogs are like children and doesn’t know that dogs doesn’t live or think like us. But it’s also not for everyone as the handler needs to be an experienced, confident, calm, assertive dog owner. The dogs use in this sport are sensitive dogs to anxiety and chaos, so the owner needs to be the perfect leader.

This is one of the sports I am aiming for when I’ll be able to adopt a dog. And maybe add agility or flyball to it. But here’s my problem. My next dog will not be from the Shepherd family, but a Doberman. It shouldn’t be a problem with schutzhund when you think about it since they were widely use by the German army for example. But I have seen over the net that 3/4 of the clubs says that Dobies are not well suited for schutzhund. They say the temperament and the fact that it’s not a herding dog. Yet, some say you just need a different approach. This article was interesting on the topic. When ready, I’ll do more research. And one of my dreams is to become a dog handler, but so far, they all say I need to be a police officer first….

Meanwhile, if anyone knows about it, feel free to message me or discuss.



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