Me – To you.

I’ll never have the perfect body or the perfect skin. My hair are often a messy mane and I don’t think important a perfect bold make up. I like my skater shoes as much as my tall boots. I have tattoos and a piercing. I’d rather play in an engine than a girls night working on my nails. I’d rather watch hockey than silly shows like the bachelor. I’d rather be rolling in a ’68 Camaro than a Corvette. I have a bad temper but I am sweet. I’ll prefer a weekend deep in the woods in a cottage with no Wifi than a night out in a club in the city. I am emotional but I love hard. I’ll cherish you and care for you but take advantage of it and i’ll kick your ass like a man. I can be weird in my interest but I am open to the world. I can be silent and calm, but then loud and wild.

There’s lots of perfect, flawless ladies out there I can’t compete with, but I can be the “perfect” you were waiting for, not dull, ready for adventure, Loyal until the end…

Love you Hun.



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