My love/hate relationship with technology.

I am a 80’s kid. Born at the very end of the 1970’s. My childhood in the 80’s was the normal one as far as I know: all day on my bike, in the pool, at the park, building dirt stuff under those giant pines at my best friend’s house, playing with the dog and since it was the start of gaming, some gaming on an Atari then the NES.

Then, my teens, the 90’s. Time of experiences. I do admit I started going into bars, well, what we call in Quebec, boîte à chanson/brasserie, very young. I was about 15. Sitting there, beers, lots of good conversations and fun, laughs, etc. First boyfriend, first kiss, high school, staying out late, being trouble makers in the middle of the night such as putting firecrackers on people bedroom window…  Beside the fact that I think I was too much of a strong willed person with a bad temper, and that’s the reason why many didn’t like me, I had my circle of friends. 

Middle to late 90’s is when I had my first computer, a “grape” iMac and internet. Cell phones were getting popular, of course I had one. Beside being able to be joined anywhere and not only on the pager, nothing changed. But then came a new era, the 2000, adulthood, smartphones and social media. 

I am one of those who owns an iPhone, has a Facebook account with friends and family. I play some games and used to have a Twitter account (until it transformed into a fight). I enjoy instagram and the pictures of tattooed boys on it and put up pics of my dog/cats and selfies. I watch videos on Youtube, yes, cat videos too! I prefer texting to call sometimes and would feel empty without my cell.  So yes, I am following the flow of technology, I am still very good at it, and I even changed my Xbox 360 to a Playstation 4 this winter. 

But when I want to have some quality human time is when I want to come back to the 80’s. It’s when I want to break every single piece of technology I see. I am on lunch break at work, want to chat with coworkers, you get in the kitchen and every single 6 employees have their nose in their cellphone. Silence.

You get home, well, right now I don’t give a shit, I live with my ex… Ahahaah!

So, you go out with friends, parties, restaurant, home, anywhere! Everyone, their nose  in their &$!&*# phones! No quality time, no conversation, dring-dring, vibe-vibe. It’s everywhere! 

That is a little bit insulting. But get this, I have, like others girls that I know, been cheated on by an ex who was “shopping” for potential women on the net and my other ex was still on a dating site while with me. No wonder I never saw their phones and their computer were secured. A bad side of technology that I can’t stand anymore and I am sure, will be the cause of most divirce now…  Ok, done with this part of my life that I try to keep behind me..

Nowadays, you just can’t socialize in society without having at least 1/2 of your group being on their phones. Yes, I do to: When it seem it’s the only thing left to do or when I am alone and bored. Forget to be an example, no one cares, they don’t notice anyways.

How ironic that technology that is supposed to bring the planet together is so able to isolate us… Eh?

It’s one of the reasons why I wouldn’t mind moving deep in the woods, where internet is not available… But leave me cable, I want to watch Habs games during winter! 


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