Our body, OUR temple.

A German woman as found an original way to pass a message in her country. Here is the article. It’s hard to believe today that some still say that a woman would actually provoke the rape. Even though I do agree that some women have absolutely no respect for themselves by barely wearing clothes, I think that it should be basics to respect one’s body and mind. BUT, also, we do know for a fact that the human mind can be a perverted, twisted and illogical organ. Not all men have a sane mind with basic manners and values (Neither does women, but we are talking mostly about men raping women). So I think that a man psychologically unbalanced and fragile can be triggered by a very, too provocative woman. BUT again, a man that is very unstable with mental illness or disorder won’t need an outfit or half naked woman to trigger the rape, a woman with a turtleneck and pants will do.

Now, to come back to the general public’s opinion on the matter, we, of course, have a lot of the 2 opposites. It’s either black or white. I don’t know one woman that would want her body violated by a random man in a dark back alley or at a party. I have to say that I never knew anyone in my immediate environment that thought like this, so having an actual opinion about them would not be a good thing. I do not agree with them, but I would definitely want to know what is going on in their minds. Why do they think that women provoke the rape, really, why? I know that some wouldn’t be on the same page as me, why would I want to talk about this with a narrow-minded person that thinks that we want to be raped? Well, I am someone that likes to see all sides of things. Understand the “why”. And this case is not different.

The woman who started this campaign also got some bad comments on what she is doing. For example, the use/waste of pads when she could be donating them to homeless women. She answered too politely for my taste. The person who wrote this comment should just shut it, buy pads and do it herself. It’s not wasted food and it’s used toward a good cause.


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