Brothers that needs you to retire.

Dogs are the perfect models that human beings should take example of. They live in the now, are loyal, caring, forgiving and don’t discriminate. We all heard stories of the family dog that saved all members from a fire or that video that went viral of dogs that break up a cat fight. No? You haven’t seen that video? Here it is, it’s worth seeing. You are welcome.

Now back to the original purpose of this post. Like I said, a dog is a living being that we can rely on by their nature . But here we are talking about the story of two Husky brothers. Two retired sled dogs and one is blind. The other brother is the blind dog’s eyes, without him, he is “lost”, can’t properly function. The two retirees are searching for their forever home to live a peaceful retirement. Of course, even though the blind one has is brother to rely on, obviously, we are talking about special need dog and if one passes, the other will need an experienced owner to get through the lost, an owner that won’t keep him in the mourn but help him move on.

You can find the article about the two brothers here … And please, PLEASE share.

Blind Sled Dog


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