The “cry me a river” generation. Who’s fault is it?*

As an 80’s kid, I grew up with shows such as Goldorak (Grandizer), G Force, Candy, the real Ghostbusters, Transformers, etc. We were always outside, getting dirty, climbing trees and those metal structures in parks. We had sand in our mouth, sun kissed skin, messy hair, bruised knees, but we were calm and happy. We came back home when the sun was coming down like instructed by our parents, eat a popsicle with the dog, shared our lunch with a classmate, rode our bikes with no helmet, and knew we couldn’t make a scene at the toy store or we would get corrected on spot!

Now what happened? We are now in 2015, and since quite a few years, we can see a major difference on how the new generation lives. Or should I say is “treated”, “handled”.  We are facing a generation that pretty much gets everything they want, learns that it’s fine to throw a tantrum in public and won’t get punished for it, they are over-protected and over-sanitized.

This generation goes in parks where you can find low, plastic structures and doesn’t have sand. And parents that won’t leave their sight, “Don’t do this”, “careful, you’ll get hurt”. Parents won’t let them the chance to fall and get up. Get hurt and move on.

School now have strict rules (Mostly elementary), they go through your kid’s lunch, making sure there is no granola bars with nuts or chocolate chips for dessert, because it’s bad for your child’s health (Chocolate) and for others’ health (Nuts). If there is one, they’ll take it away and will give you a lecture. I get the allergy side of it. What I am wondering is where the freak did this come from? We never had any kind of trouble or really heard of it in the past. And ONE chocolate chip granola bar won’t hurt the kid if he eats one after his 30-grains avocado tuna salad with bean sprouts sandwich.

Those kids are also over-sanitized. Purell here, don’t touch this, don’t put this in your mouth… We survived eating earth and letting our dog clean our face. We never got more sick than our share. I had a coworker in a previous job that was very hypochondriac, each time we came back from a sick day because we had a flu or stomach flu, or if we just cough a lot in the office, he would run for the Purell dispenser. And don’t you think about touching him! This guy had 4 kids. All of them always sick and at the clinic. They have no anti-corps whatsoever. He is always scared to be contaminated with something and to bring it home.

At the end, what is even more incredible, is that this new generation, their parents, is our generation. Us that were so free, reckless and survived. Us, that watch violent cartoons and never turned into dangerous criminals. Us, that got bruised but got up and do it again.

Parents, loosen up. They’ll live. We did. And please, don’t teach them they can get away with a tantrum in public, like we owe them the world..

* I am referring to events I saw, heard, facts around me.



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