Girl problem #1: My hair took control.

I used to have those long very smooth looking hair, just like this. Then, when I was 12, me and my mom had the “brilliant” idea to chemically curl my hair. I came out the hairdresser with curls too tight, they have never loosen up. Boom! Another chemical to straighten my hair. My hair never have been the same since then. More fuzzy looking, even the new grown hair.

R.I.P and a moment of silence to my long lost smooth hair…

And take it as a warning people, before putting hard chemicals, other than dye, in your hair, think about it twice..

So I sometimes wonder if I am the only one that her hair is so fussy with the shampoo I use or they have found a way to make me pay the bad treatment. Since maybe 2010, I am unable to use just any shampoo or my hair gets heavy, dull, and gives the feeling like I have residues left on them. I was a Pantene user, but my hair needed some change when the bottle was done, so I got another pharmacy one, to then come back to Pantene.

But then, my hair decided it was enough. I tried sooooo many shampoos before they were finally happy again. My hairdresser think it’s the “hormone change” … ouch! I haven’t done any kinds of research yet on the “why” and “how”, but yeah… I should. But if anyone reading this has the answer….

So now my hair have expensive taste. Their favorite being Nioxin. A very good one. Expensive but biiig bottle. Very good for the growth. But they still like a lot one that I did use before, Infusium 23, which is good because unlike Nioxin, Infusium 23 can be find everywhere.

I took a risk last month, a test. I bought this Marc Anthony natural coconut shampoo. Yes, another expensive one. My hair gave me the finger within 2 days. Back on Infusium 23 and light happy hair.

I’m gonna need funds for my hair…



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    • Sorry if I have offended you, but I am a girl and the post is related to me and my gender.. therefore “girl problem”. I’ll make sure to note to eventually, maybe, write posts on ” general human beings problem” and not only me, myself and I. (NOT!)

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