The “I am so offended” syndrome.

So I woke up today, had a shower, then sat down to read some news on my laptop. The classic: War, ISIS, people doing stupid things like leaving a gun with a young child, etc. Then I came upon this article.  People, minorities, being offended by classic comic books written by Hergé; Tintin au Congo and Tintin en Amérique. They even got them off the shelves, for a short period of time.

Both books tell the story of a reporter from Belgium, sent to different countries to cover stories. “En Amérique” being originally Al Capone and “Au Congo”, the African world. In “En Amérique”, Tintin encounters natives in their classic tribe living. In “Au Congo”, he interacts with black Africans. Now, the way the books are approaching the encounters, is the reason some people are so offended, after more than 75 years on the shelves. Hergé’s books were written and published in the 1930’s, a time where there was this wall between caucasians and other minorities, and when prejudice was at it’s peak. But even then, Hergé was able to keep a form of respect while actually describing the reality of the time. I have always loved the Tintin books. I have read all of them in their original french versions. And yes, there’s some prejudice and old views in them. But they are to be taken lightly. If Hergé had done one book on us Canadians, mostly on the french-Canadian population, I just can imagine what it would be and I would so laugh my ass out! So much preconceived ideas that can be put on papers, ideas that some Europeans and Americans still have on us.

Now I have a lot of difficulty with people that are so offended with “documents” that were published in the 1930’s. With this, I am waiting for the black community to ask libraries to take off the shelves some novels written 100 years ago, where there is black maids and slaves. Well then, let me be offended by the USA’s second amendment and firearm obsession that kills so much innocents and change it right away! But no, I won’t. I don’t agree with our southern neighbors, but it’s their “history”, sadly, I don’t think they will ever learn though. So I stay on my side of the Americas.

Our history, their history, is not all paved with white roses and hummingbirds. We can not change the past and we shouldn’t try. We should use it as an educational way of what is was and what can we do to not slide back in the negative part of it. And know what? Complaining about this kind of thing will only draw negative attention to whatever community is complaining.

I have the feeling that the general planet population is getting less and less tolerant and think less. There’s worst on this planet than a boob on TV and a black slave in a 100 years old novel. There’s kids that are still leaving in violence and hunger, and puppy mills. There’s mass killing and cancer…

People are now offended by a woman breastfeeding her baby, so what do we expect, right? How did we get so sensitive? Life is stressful as is, why not say “I don’t give a fuck” and laugh it out? I am not saying that racist slurs are okay, but we have to measure well what we are fighting for.

So can we all stop a minute, think, get along, and choose better our battles?


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