The haunted and the possessed.

This article from the Huffington Post brought me back to one of my interests and past experiences. The article is about possessed dolls being sold on eBay, with proper warnings, of course. As for today, the most popular “real” possessed doll would be the “Annabelle” doll (originally a Raggedy Ann doll) owned by demonologist and medium, Lorraine Warren.

And in our worst fears and fantasies, the palm, of course, goes to Chucky from Child’s Play. But let’s keep him aside and talk about the “real” thing.

Since the beginning of time, the human being have been confronted with the unexplained: possessed objects moving on their own, voices and noises in the household, unexplained bruises and wounds, a touch when no one is there… These are only a few things that one can experience. Through centuries, the way the human being handled it differs enormously (documented), from the creation of the demon and Satan by the Church, to the Witch Hunts, to mental illnesses, to people actually trying to debunk and scientifically, as well as spiritually, understand the phenomena.

We all wondered what is up there when we die. All religions has their own views on the subject, exclusively spiritual. And it’s fine. What about the scientific view? I am not talking about the scientific sides that says ” you die, you die, period.” But the scientific way that has that spiritual view of things. If we just “disappear” when we die, and do not exist anymore, why so much evidence of the afterlife? Why some stay here and some don’t?

Hauntings can be experienced in various ways, various categories. The classic ones being house hauntings, residual or intelligent, then, the possession of a human being (or object) by a spirit or demon. I won’t get into anything more or elaborate too much as the subject is VERY large, complicated and have infinite information.

The most popular house to be declared haunted was the house that sits at 122 Ocean ave, Amityville, NY. Many claims the search for publicity, some believes in it. After the Lutz left the house, demonologist/medium Lorraine Warren and her now deceased husband, were called to investigate, you can find here the infos. There were also reporters on scene and paranormal staff chosen by the Warrens. Even with the following picture, many still does not believe the house is haunted… but no one can give the explanation on what a child was doing there, when the house was cleared for the investigation…


For anyone interested in the story of the house in Amityville, from the Defeo murders to today, I strongly suggest this website.

Possession is an entirely different story. A human being (or object), becomes the vehicle to either a spirit or most commonly, a demon. The possess can actually be possessed by multiple demonic spirits. Along my readings, I have noticed that there’s no actual confirmed reasons why they would possess a person more than some others. The use of a Ouija board comes up quite a few times. The device would help the present spirit in the premises that is unable to interact normally, to gain the energy needed by the user through the board. You CAN’T decide who you talk to with this kind of device, it’s who ever is present in the room, and it’s not necessarily friendly. People that are hyper-sensitive and not an enough strong mind to resist, would also be subject to possession. Other theories are out there, but I guess we will never know for real, unless a demon decides to open up, which I absolutely doubt!

Movies such as The Exorcist and The Exorcism of Emily Rose are BASED on actual events. The Exorcist though have been more “romanticized” than the other. I don’t have a website to suggest on the subject as I haven’t find one “professional” enough yet.

Many groups call themselves ghosts hunters and claims houses haunted without even searching properly for evidences… the faucet is dripping? HAUNTED!  If you would enjoy actual investigations with proofs but also debunking, I would suggest Ghost Hunters. Before even thinking that an event is caused by the paranormal, they will try to debunk the phenomena. Even if they are unable, unless they have strong evidences, they are reticent to call a house “haunted”. I personally don’t like the way that Ghost Adventures work. For little I have seen, lots of provocation to get the spirits to manifests, lots of screaming and over excitement, lack of professionalism. But each our style, I guess and I couldn’t go further than half an episode…

The paranormal is a very large area of study, very interesting when studied and put down on paper by professionals and not freak shows to make a couple dollars…


(Haunted Waverly Hills Sanatorium)


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