Same shit, different year.

I have been out of my “beloved” province of Quebec for nearly 2 months now (Feels good!). I came back a couple days for an appointment, that’s it. So I ain’t much aware of what is going on in this corner of the country. I don’t read news from TVA or RC anymore. Today, I talked to my mom on the phone for an hour or so, and she asked me: “Have you heard what they are doing again at the UQUAM?” Of course I didn’t, so she tells me. At this very moment, I just “facepalm” myself.

I think that pretty much the entire planet heard about the 2012 student manifestations in Montréal against the raise of education fees. At the time, I understood the “why”, but of course, they had to take it to another level: Breaking store windows, destroying cars, annoying simple citizens in the middle of the night, throwing stuff at officers, intimidating the students that wanted to get in class, etc. And of course, what ever happened, it was everyone else’s fault, not theirs. All this lasted forever, and in my head I was like: “You are complaining about education fees, but you have been months in the streets, trashing stuff, wasting the money you have put in your education.” Logic? None. What should have been done? A couple pacific manifestations, not more and a petition sent to the ministry. Period. Instead they’ve cost millions to the city for all the damage they have done and for the SPVM forces to try to keep control of those little simple-minded trouble makers (At the end I would have sooooo asked the army to get in).

So we are now in 2015, and here we go again. Students are back on the streets of Montréal, but this time it has NOTHING to do with education. Zero, nada! Just another reason to skip class and be an ass? Yeah, pretty much looks like it.

I am fine with raising your voice against what seems wrong, I would manifest for what I believe in, sign petitions and give some of my time/money, when I can, to causes I believe in. But this? Again? I thought that we were an intelligent, well educated, perspicacious, civilized and peaceful nation. Well, I should know better that 3/4 of the Montréal and province population don’t think ahead, don’t analyze, lives in the past and are stubborn and won’t search further than their little nose… or should I say belly button. Lived there, lived it. And yes, I repeat, I am an authentic french Canadian from the province of Québec, born in Montréal, raise in the suburbs. But my eyes are wide open and I have learn to be open-minded.

Anyways, students are back on the streets and they are repeating everything that happened in 2012, including being bullies to those who wants to learn. At this point, I don’t even know what to write over here. I am so disappointed and discouraged, just another shame to had to the list. I can only say “WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS AGAIN?”. Where is the logic? How is it okay to break everything, skip months of classes, bully, be threatening to police officers (and of course after complaining they were a little rough), break all the manifestation laws in place to make sure it’s secure to now make your right to manifest discutable? Do you think that anyone will listen to you? Why would they? You only show the smallness of your intelligence and lack of logic. I really hope in the future that when I’ll be in need of a lawyer or cardiac-surgeon, it won’t stumble upon one of them, i’ll be fucked…


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