The ultimate transportation (And my personal favorite).

The train has been, since the early 1800’s, the best way to travel but also for the transportation of goods, mail, animals and so on. The train might even be a much more older invention, as evidences have been found here and there.

The Locomotive, or “Engine” as some engineers in the field likes to call it, have gone through quite some transformations over the years, from the Steam engine to the diesel powered engine. I had the chance personally to be up close with some old engines and the newer ones as my father was a CN Railway engineer. He was able to bring me to some of his short trips, letting me change speeds and activate the horn (Railroad crossings) and the bell (Train station arrivals)…. No worries, he did the breaks! I have learned to like this world, and admit that working in the field, to follow my dad’s footsteps, have and still does cross my mind. My dad was very passionate about his work and I am sure he would have loved those pictures.

To you dad. Miss you.

Capturing the beauty of old locomotives



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