Will they ever learn, change, evolve?

And it happened again. Innocent citizens were killed. Again.

Again a hate crime. Again a mass murder. Again a narrow-minded citizen. Again someone that shouldn’t have been allowed near a weapon.

To us, news like this from our southern neighbors and allies, it’s common news. It is VERY sad and shocking news. But common news. I want to say something about it, but I am speechless. It’s a major “facepalm” case. If Americans ever becomes extinct someday, it won’t be by terrorists from another country, it will be by their own hands. The country will explode by itself.

I cannot believe that a country, people, in 2015, still doesn’t believe in peace of life, respect, dealing with issues without violence, still believes in having loaded weapons all over the house and using them “because it’s their right and the guy stepped on my lawn”, is still hardcore racist and homophobic…. and I could go on…..

I know that it’s NOT EVERYONE. I realize this fact. But politicians and citizens refuses to change their thinking and by-laws towards weapons. One major problem. I mean, when a dog shoot his owner, and toddlers are killing their mothers but they all still leave weapons all around at children’s reach… we have a major issue.

And of course this easy access to weapons bring mass murders and hate murders. But hate shouldn’t lead someone to kill. You have the right to “not like”. But to kill? Does the Americans also have a genetic mental disorder? Something that drives them crazy, makes them kill and hate everyone on the planet but themselves? For their color? Because they are not American and white? Because they don’t like what you like and don’t live like you live and this without obligating you accomodate?

It’s been worst and worst through the years and the past few months…. What the hell is happening?

And it’s not only crimes against the black community, it’s also about how can a mentally disturbed teen/young man, that openly shows hate, can be allowed by parents around weapons and ammo to then enter a school and shoot everyone?

I am honestly unable to say anything constructive at this point. Words are hard to get out. I am sincerely sorry for my American neighbors, and yes, I am really beginning to “hate” them…. But I will just stay on my side of North America, and ignore you.



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