Who’s interested?

Everyone will remember the manhunt for disturbed murderer, Luka Magnotta.

The man was declared guilty of 1st degree murder and sentenced to prison for life (25 years) without parole plus another 19 years for 4 other charges. But now that M.Magnotta is comfortably in the Archambault Penitentiary,  he’s in need of some loving! Yes, ladies and gents, he joined a dating site!

Ok, yes. I believe who ever you are, we all need to be loved, right? But my question is… with what he did, with what he did to his former lover, who the hell would want to have a relationship with him? I would personally be afraid to be cut in little pieces while I am sleeping.

Of course, I believe that some inmates are able to “recover” and live a normal life after prison. But the kind of person that Magnotta is and his disturbing actions, murders… Huh… no.

Well… anyways, good luck to whoever will hook up with him…

FYI, he’s searching for a gentleman… sorry ladies!



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