No more running

Despite an ongoing twilight
A sad light appeared to me
Telling me to stop
Just stop

I am out of breath
My whole body hurts
My head is about to explode
I have run for so long

Stop, I have to stop
No more running after you
No more begging for your love

Yes, I am deeply in love with you
But why run when I can’t see the end of the road?
Why beg if I see no true constant fondness?

One day you seem to care
At last, I feel important
But suddenly, deception
A slap in the face
A push off my cloud
Another illlusion

This empty space seems larger 
My need to be loved is greater
But my hope is getting darker

Leave other’s grief out of my misery
I have my own unbearable pain
Selfishly, I have to care about me
About my own happiness
I have my soul to save from darkness

I might not be worthy
I might not be important
I might not be beautiful
I might not be perfect
But what I have to give is infinite

I crave, I need
But why never me? 

I am exhausted
I hurt
I am out of breath
I am done running

But know I will be laying here
Waiting for you for eternity
Because I love you dearly

But my sweetest love
I won’t run anymore
I can’t… 


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