The Devil’s house.

Our American neighbors went through mysterious and sad events in the 1970’s. Events that became one of my “passion”, if we can call it this way, along with the Titanic.

November 13th, 1973, 112 Ocean avenue in Amityville, NY, was the scene of a mass murder. The Defeo family, 4 children and 2 adults, were shot dead in their sleep by the eldest son, Ronald Jr. The young man claims voices told him to do it.

One year later, the house was sold under value to the Lutz Family. Katy, George and the 3 children moved in December 1975. They stayed one month, leaving everything behind. Terrified.

Everyone has their own opinion on what happened the night the DeFeo were killed and what exactly is happening in this house. Many experts, investigators, detectives, officers, and so, on have made their minds as well.

The biggest “mystery” in the murders being why no one in the house heard shotguns shots in the house, and got up of bed. Some say there was a second killer, which, in my book, doesn’t explain it. No sign of drugs, movement either.

See a nice documentary HERE.

The Amityville village saw his first citizens in 1653, and the name we know today was adopted only in 1894. Amityville was primarily a farmer community. The land where was built the 112, was a farmland owned by the Irelands, a very influential family.  After the property was sold on January 14, 1924, the colonial house we know today, was built within the next year. Nothing really extraordinary that would explain paranormal phenomena as you can see. But this is according to some archives… Of course, no one could say if any of the owners that stayed in the house since it’s construction ever performed a seance such as “ouija”. Invoking the spirits can be harmless but it can also be catastrophic. The public should remember that while doing this, you might give power to an evil inhuman entity, and not grandma!

Now, what do I believe? Well, to start, I believe in the Pagan/Wiccan ways. Our church is nature, that there’s a god AND a goddess. I believe that “witchcraft” can make things happened (But wait, it’s not Hollywood here!). Also, I believe in lost entities, whether they are good or bad. I have myself, as a child until adulthood, experienced many paranormal phenomenons, some really terrifying, some more basic such as specific noises. They have followed me through 3 moves.. at the third one, I lost patience and screamed to leave me alone. That was it…

So for the allegations at 112 Ocean Avenue, I do believe them. But wait! There is what the movie showed us, and there is was the Lutz claimed. And please, please, if you want to see a movie on the case, don’t watch the one with (sexy) Ryan Reynolds. If the original film exaggerated thing to spice things up for Hollywood, the remake is a sad joke.

The claims are typical of a poltergeist, but were they demonic? Maybe. Following the events, famous and well respected Ed Warren (Demonologist) and Lorraine Warren (Trance medium) were asked to investigate the house. They did experienced some of the claims, gather some proof. But since the house was sold, after the Lutz, all the families that lived in the house claims they have not experience anything paranormal or evil. Did the entities went dormant even though human presence in the house? Or could the families would just not tell anything about their experiences to be left alone?

Even if I believe and respect the Warrens investigation results, I think that we will never truly know what happened to the DeFeo and the Lutz. An extensive investigation may answer it, investigate the house again, have someone like Lorraine to talk to Ronald DeFeo and see what she feels, combine police and paranormal investigation…

You have a very complete website on the case HERE.

What are your thoughts?


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