My zootherapy: A passion finally fulfilled.

This week I had my first day at fulfilling a passion I couldn’t enjoy since my parents thought it was too expensive. So instead, I did figure ice skating for 8 years. At the end, the cost was the same!

I had my first horse riding lesson. I have ride before of course! But my last ride was 10 years ago, and it kinda disappeared with my obligations and bad relationships. A friend of mine revived my passion by trying a job as  groom… sadly the conditions didn’t fit with my condition.

As my treatment for my depression is going well.. my motivation came back. So much life plans. I need to do some without thinking about…..

So I decided to get lessons, get my levels (Cavaliers) and eventually be myself an instructor or guide. Part or full time. And even if I don’t work, continue with the passion. If I am ever able to have my own horse, I would just dream about the Canadian Horse. What a marvelous horse! Perfect temperament for me.

So my first lesson this last Wednesday. My horse was named Sunny. A lil brushing, saddle and bridle on… and off we go! After so long, sitting on this powerful, intelligent beast was overwhelming. My instructor could see my stiff shoulders. It was pretty much learning all over again. Losing bad habits, getting new ones. Trust the horse again and myself. At the end, she could tell I was more relaxed. The time I have passed there, with Sunny was a stress free moment. I forgot my life for the moment it lasted. A dog is a very good zootherapy animal, but horses are special. The look in their eyes, their calmness… I am jobless right now but hope to be able to keep getting my lessons. It’s my therapy. Wish I could even do it more often.

I just can’t wait for my next lesson….

If you are on Facebook and like Horses but mostly the CH, I have a new page:

The Canadian Horse


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