Girl problem #2: Baseball Caps.

Who would have thought that a girl problem could be a baseball cap…? It’s not a everyday thing or and some wouldn’t care less, but l I am sure that lots of girls will relate at the end.

I had that cap, a white Nike with the black symbol on the front. Wore it a lot. Always liked to have one for long summer car rides, outdoor activities, when the “mane” doesn’t cooperate, and so on. I wore it until it got yellow at the base and the fabric started to come off! Honestly, I would have kept it… I don’t remember who threw it out…

So, i’ve been on the hunt for a new one, years after. I wanted one from my favorite hockey team: Montreal Canadiens. There’s a lot of nice ones out there, lots! So what is the problem? The back of the caps. Back about 10 years ago, they were pretty much sizable with this opening at the back of them. A blessing for girls like me that have long thick hair, that are not using them to be “fashionable”, so we can put our hair in a ponytail and pass then through the hole. Nowadays, 97% are closed at the back, no opening or sizing whatsoever. So you have to either have your hair loose or with a low-neck ponytail, so you always have your hair in the way, bugging you, mostly on hot sticky days on your neck.

So, what did sport equipment companies thought? I am sure that some guys have trouble finding the right size, and the sizable ones are the best options. Plus, huh, think about girls a little bit guys! The sporting industry, when it comes to team merchandise, always thought about men. It’s only recently that women became, finally, a targeted market. I mostly would like to give two thumbs up to actress Alyssa Milano, a sports fan, that saw the lack of clothing for women and took the step to end this nonsense by creating Touch by AM.  She managed to keep it girly, yet not too much but still fashionable. The only “down” is that some sports/sport teams have lots of choices, some barely, like the Habs….

So, at the end, I have found one Habs cap that I did like. Not a “wow” like some others, but I like it and there’s an opening on the back!

Oh! Yeah!… Those straight leather front ones are ugly as F…..!!



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