You have no rights on others.

I’ve just finished reading this article, the first to make me wanna write since a little while, being afflicted by continuous awful things that keeps my soul in darkness. Anyway…

It didn’t only made me want to write, but to rage. Kim Davis, this narrow-minded woman who refused to deliver a marriage permit to gay couples in the US strikes again. I wonder if i’m gonna be able to be constructive in this post.

First, let me say that I have denied the catholic/christian religion a long time ago because of those ludicrous beliefs, for the control this institution had on their followers lives, threatening them if they didn’t obey the “holy laws”, controlling even the justice and “juge de paix” in the beginning of the 18th century. Even today, people following this religion are so much brainwashed to believe that homosexuality is a sin, that they want to control other people’s life too. All this forgetting the part “love your neighbor…”, “love one another”. But whatever your religion is, YOU DON’T HAVE THE RIGHT TO JUDGE OTHER PEOPLE’S LIFE AND IMPOSE YOUR BELIEFS!!

It’s not “natural” they say, God never made us this way they say… Well for your information, the rest of the animal kingdom have their own homosexual bonds, the most commonly known being the dolphin, a very intelligent and emotional animal. What you guys call “the creatures of god” and that your “book” said to have been saved by Moses, have their own love story and never will their pairs judge them. We are the only “mammal” on planet earth to want to control each other, that lacks basic respect towards each other, that will “destroy” each other whether it’s mentally or physically. I hate people. I have myself, like many others, experience other’s selfishness, the last experienced being the most destructive to my soul. I lost all trust in people. But ok, that’s another story.

Anyway, sometimes religion does that, not only “human nature”. That’s why I decided to believe in the magic of our planet, the nature that surrounds us, Pagan beliefs. Such a liberal “religion” that the bible and his followers have declared war against it for centuries, calling it “demonic”.

What can we do now to make “these extremist of the bible”, leave others alone? That we don’t have to submit to their beliefs? Whether it’s on abortion, gay marriage or birth control, THIS IS NOT OF OTHER’S BUSINESS!!!! It’s not to you to judge them, us! Even less your right, Kim Davis!



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