Rainbow Six: Siege – A first review.

I know that some of you will say: “You are not a real professional reviewer” – “Hell, you’re just a girl!”

I know. But I AM A GAMER and I have my opinions. If you start reading me with this mentally, you can stop right here.

Now, Rainbow Six. An all-time favorite for a lot of gamers, most of us have started playing with Rainbow Six 3 on Xbox. We got hook. Ubisoft heard the fans and came back in force with what us gamers think was the best in the series: Rainbow Six 3: Black Arrow. R6BA gave us their own “Clan Match” servers which was fantastic since “cheating” was practically impossible (Sorry, I don’t remember if it was introduced in R63 and can’t seem to find it.).

Following R6BA, a bad step occurred with Rainbow Six: Lockdown: maps that didn’t felt good at all, easy spawn killing and camping, it really didn’t felt right to us. But “Ubi” were fast on their skates and brought us a surprise with Rainbow Six: Vegas; new maps, new weapons but still our favorites were available, and the new favorite, the fact that you could now cover – blind fire – cover fire. The move also permitted to see terrorists in a stealthy way… Not Splinter Cell stealthy, but a very good one! Sadly, the Clan Match servers disappeared and we were obligated to use “TeamBattles” and experienced A LOT of cheating. I am one of many who stopped Clans because of this fact.

Vegas 2 didn’t deceived either, in fact, the game was released in 2008 and when I have bought my PS4 in December 2014, there were still lots of us playing! The “cover move” was still there, good maps, good game play and a nice story mode. We could play for hours!

After Vegas 2, we were waiting for a new game. Rainbow Six: Patriot was announced with footage that didn’t deceived. Sadly, it was cancelled and more wait came for us gamers.

And now, we have Rainbow Six: Siege in our hands, in our consoles. By following forums and such, we got all scared. Rsix is a franchise that gave a lot to his fanbase, a hardcore fanbase, the kind that if you change it too much, you gonna lose your bet. Trailers, news, gameplay, we all saw them and we all thought: “Wow! That looks amazing! But…”. We don’t like too much change, we like our old blanket even though you’re allowed to wash it.

This morning, I was finally able to play with it, did the few first “training”, so this review is a early one. What can I say. The graphics cannot deceive, the details either. Controls? I still have some issues with the fact that when your fans are used to something, you need to change it all over even if not needed. I have to admit that a part of my brain tried to cover with my left trigger and get low with my right stick. Instead, I was confronted with Call of Duty controls. Did I say I tried to cover? Yes, I did. Surprised! Cover has disappeared, an important piece when it comes to stealth. All morning I had to show my face to terrorist! Unreal like is my thought.

As I am early, very early in the game, but needed to start my review because of this, I won’t just bash it right now, no worries, I’ll wait and see. But so far, the controls and cover are the issues… I have yet to see WHEN I can make my character, if I can choose MY rifle (my fav is the G36c, crossing fingers!) and if we can customize like Vegas…

To be continued…



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