The “Louve” behind the Lair

French Canadian, Former Animal Control Officer, Dog behavior help, Doberman/Pitbull advocate, Habs hockey, laughs, nature, beer and wine, friends, books, music etc.  I write because I need to rant, understand, inform, laugh, cry. Mahigan’s Lair is about parts of my world and life in general. I speak my mind, can be crude, but yet, well spoken. I am not a journalist or columnist, I know my posts might be …. not professional and my english not perfect….  I just have things to say. Period.

It’s a second for me. I deleted the last one because of lost of interest, time. But I feel like trying again a new online journey and see if this time is the one.

What is “Louve”? It’s “wolf” in the French language… The wolf is like a totem to me.. we are both protective of our territory and loved ones, I can “bite”, I am loyal, wild but calm…..

I can be reached or followed through the followings:


KIK: RavenKellie




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