Be prepared world, it’s official.

The US “Prez party”. I didn’t watched it as I do not approve of my southern neighbours in their choice.

I know I few good Americans here and there and despite an unhealthy love for weapons and very narrow-minded beliefs, I will never put all of them in the same basket. But yet… The majority did spoke and this majority is dangerous, and did show some  unnecessary violence throughout the campaign and after. The US has stepped 100 years backwards instead of continuing going forward and it will have major repercussions in their already fragile relationship with the rest of the world.

“There’s a reason why we, Canadians, always wear our Canadian flag when abroad, and it’s not only for pride for our country, but to not be mistaken as an American… and more than ever now, we should proudly wear it.”

Trump brings back the image of a country that thinks that world owes them, that they are better than other countries and they will bomb everything if needed (Sounds a bit like the muslim extremist party…). And yes, this is what the world sees, sorry to break your bubble. This image started to fade slowly with Obama, but you cannot change decades of negative reputation in only 8 years, but you can destroy 8 years in one hour.

I could go on and on with this subject, but I do not think it would change anything… I mean, this is the country that wants to bring more weapons each time there is a mass murder…

I will wish you all best of luck.


NOTA: I am not putting this image as a disrespect but as the image that Americans will destroy their own country, themselves, by their own hands.


Service Animals.

We all know about service dogs: For the blinds, deaf, disable/handicaps, epileptics, autistics, etc.  The ones that are less known are the cats and dogs that give emotional support; Animals helping those afflicted with PTSD, severe depression, severe anxiety disorder, and so on. Cats, dogs, animals are known to calm, to lower blood pressure, bring some happiness in one’s life. We can only think of zootherapy and how sick kids and the elderly suddenly smiles and interacts when that furry therapist enters the room!

There’s also a programs for veterans using horses and have shown great success. Emotional support dogs can prevent crisis, bring comfort and courage to those afflicted with a mental illness… But here’s the problem… THEY ARE NOT RECOGNIZED. Meaning, a person like me, that have severe depression and anxiety disorder, could use one… BUT would not be allowed to bring my dog everywhere I go since they are not recognized as an actual service dog, even though I had crisis at work, and public places such as malls and restaurants. And I think it’s not only in Canada. But they do exist and they do help! But as they are not recognized, not only they are not allowed in public places, but you could get in trouble with landlords that hate animals.

I think that organizations like MIRA and the Canadian Service Dog Foundation, should push to make them service animals like the one’s for the blinds. And know what? They should also do like Courageous Companions, and use shelter dogs….




Liberate the Majestic.

Found in almost every seas, the Orca, also known as Killer Whale, is one of Canada’s western pride. This whale is well recognized by his black and white markings and his dolphin like appearance, he can weight up to 6 tons and be 32ft long.

But this Majestic mammal is another animal that human being wants to control and use to feed their hunger for money. For years, the Orca has been chased to be brought in aquariums and theme parks such as SeaWorld and MarineLand, then these facilities decided to breed them. But the family bond in Orca pods is very strong, the calf stays with his mother and the pod. But these facilities separates the mother and the calf, putting the mother in a depression mode and the calf in a stressful situation.

We all have seen in the news the incidents, a whale “killing” his trainer. The “only” one really reported being the one of Dawn Brancheau, when Tilikum had enough. (By the way, on the website attached to “Tilikum”, there’s a petition to free him, please sign!)

Want a reality check? Watch the documentary BLACKFISH::::

These gentle giants, despite the name “Killer Whale”, have been given this aggressive, bloodthirsty image because human beings saw money all over the place if they captured them and displayed them like a goldfish in a bowl. What they don’t know, rather, what they are denying, is that the Orca is an intelligent, sensitive, emotional and social animal. One that is thirsty for the open water to migrate, feed, bond, play. But in some cases, they are kept in small pools until they have to “perform”, the equivalent of leaving your 8 years old in a bathtub 3/4 of his time.

The issue is not that Orcas in captivity can not survived, the release of famous Keiko at the end of the 90’s, mostly known for his Hollywood stardom name Willy, is the proof. Sadly, he died of pneumonia in 2003, but he died free and happy.

I invite you to see his journey back home:::::

As sensitive animals, the Orca is prone to depression and frustration which can lead to aggression, as gentle they can be… We need to stop encouraging the industry, starting by not going to these parks. Spread the word. Sign petitions and get involved. Many of these Majestic Whales around the world are captive and need our help to return home.


You have no rights on others.

I’ve just finished reading this article, the first to make me wanna write since a little while, being afflicted by continuous awful things that keeps my soul in darkness. Anyway…

It didn’t only made me want to write, but to rage. Kim Davis, this narrow-minded woman who refused to deliver a marriage permit to gay couples in the US strikes again. I wonder if i’m gonna be able to be constructive in this post.

First, let me say that I have denied the catholic/christian religion a long time ago because of those ludicrous beliefs, for the control this institution had on their followers lives, threatening them if they didn’t obey the “holy laws”, controlling even the justice and “juge de paix” in the beginning of the 18th century. Even today, people following this religion are so much brainwashed to believe that homosexuality is a sin, that they want to control other people’s life too. All this forgetting the part “love your neighbor…”, “love one another”. But whatever your religion is, YOU DON’T HAVE THE RIGHT TO JUDGE OTHER PEOPLE’S LIFE AND IMPOSE YOUR BELIEFS!!

It’s not “natural” they say, God never made us this way they say… Well for your information, the rest of the animal kingdom have their own homosexual bonds, the most commonly known being the dolphin, a very intelligent and emotional animal. What you guys call “the creatures of god” and that your “book” said to have been saved by Moses, have their own love story and never will their pairs judge them. We are the only “mammal” on planet earth to want to control each other, that lacks basic respect towards each other, that will “destroy” each other whether it’s mentally or physically. I hate people. I have myself, like many others, experience other’s selfishness, the last experienced being the most destructive to my soul. I lost all trust in people. But ok, that’s another story.

Anyway, sometimes religion does that, not only “human nature”. That’s why I decided to believe in the magic of our planet, the nature that surrounds us, Pagan beliefs. Such a liberal “religion” that the bible and his followers have declared war against it for centuries, calling it “demonic”.

What can we do now to make “these extremist of the bible”, leave others alone? That we don’t have to submit to their beliefs? Whether it’s on abortion, gay marriage or birth control, THIS IS NOT OF OTHER’S BUSINESS!!!! It’s not to you to judge them, us! Even less your right, Kim Davis!


There’s something fishy.

Eight years ago, a child disappeared in Trois-Rivières, province of Québec. Her name is Cédrika Provencher. She was 9 years old. Now, why the title of this post, why do I think there’s something fishy…? Here it goes…

Cédrika is one out of many that disappeared without a trace and are still to be found. You can see it on the Missing Children Society of Canada, and there’s quite a few in Québec, and I wonder if some are not on the website. But for the past years and today, in the news, everywhere, the only child you hear of is Cédrika; Articles, press releases, air time in the evening news, and we are talking about all the time since she disappeared. And it’s not the end of it, a foundation and… a movie! Why does she have so much attention from the medias for all those years, still today, and there’s all those other children still missing, that seems like everyone as forgotten? They are important too, no?

I don’t like this. Not only it smells bad but it’s not fair for the other parents that are still grieving the loss of their child, it’s not fair for those children that are waiting to be found. They are shadowed by all this publicity and their hope is taken away. I will even have the guts to say that it looks like a money thing…. Yes, I will go there and say it out loud!

Thank god, they started to talk again about the native teens that disappeared, and those who were killed…But it seems it didn’t last. Sadly, natives are the most forgotten.

So please, check out the website, there’s not only “her” somewhere out there…


Equine eye opener.

I was reading one of the two books I bought on horses, comfortably sitting in my Civic with a Timmie’s the other day (Yeah I know how that sounds, don’t ask) and I got that flash. As I am right now fulfilling my passion for horses, I am getting those lessons, levels, educating myself with books along the way. I had to do it to know my horses as well as I know my dogs, a all new field.

I think I have mentioned that a friend of mine as brought back this passion by telling me to try a job as groom/hot walker in a race track she works in that will not name. Even though I am not an expert in horses, I have seen a lot but mostly ranch life horses and jumpers. So, as was reading the second book,  and getting in the behavior chapter, it all got clear to me. While I was at this race track, for only a day (Job conditions didn’t fit what I needed…), I noticed a lot of frustrated horses. Horses that wouldn’t listen to “professional trainers” while they were sitting on their backs to “train them” a.k.a have a couple track runs. They would tell you to step way aside when they passed with a horse… I wondered why until I saw those frustrated horses. Now I know why.

As the book is pointing, horses are sensitive animals. They will react to their environment, and if they lack something they will develop vices or behavior problems. It says that to a horse to be balanced and stress-free, they need to be, of course, socialized and we need to present them certain situations so they can be confident. Also, like dogs, to have excellent results and a better “relationship” with him, the training has to be free of all frustration, angriness, violence. The key is calm and assertiveness. But also a horse, needs to be….. A HORSE.

Horses that I have encounter at the track are horses that are brought there in spring, put in a stall, and brought back by their owners for the winter. They are taken out once per day for maybe 30 minutes to run around a race track with strangers, and then come back in the stables. A little walk to cool off around the stable and back in the stall they go. That’s it. For half the year.

Horses are pack animals (called “bands”), they need to socialized with their kind but they also don’t enjoy much to be confined. They will enjoy the security and comfiness of their stalls but to be in an open area such as fields do make them feel better as they can flee if needed (Horses are preys and domestic horses have kept this feeling). And of course, tell me which living being likes to be confined? To do nothing, see no one (the stalls are made so they don’t see each other well), and not being able to enjoy the summer breeze in the mane and a good green grass? No one. So behavior problems, frustration and vices happens.

Of course I have saw some that are very gentle and are the “happy-go-lucky” kind, like the ones that I have cleaned the stall and walked. But I saw aggressive horses, well, maybe it’s too strong of a word, I would say “very low tolerance and I hate you” horses. Nervous horses, horses that will not listen and seem like they want to flee, horses that are hit (not an “order hit”, a “correction hit” with a crop). Yes, they are well groomed, and one even as his daily oxygen treatment (Owner’s demand). But these horses are not allowed to be horses. They are literally only bred to satisfy one’s need to gamble to then be imprisoned.

Want to know something else? Apparently there’s a “thing” that these owners do to have the perfect racing horse, but I couldn’t find any proper article or claims on it:  Surgical procedures on the legs when they are only small foals. I won’t start on this but you can search on it and read what I have found here.

I needed to denounce this. We are talking a lot about dog racing and the poor conditions the Greyhounds are in, but we should also work on the horse’s conditions in race tracks…. and let’s not forget the caleche horses….


Who’s interested?

Everyone will remember the manhunt for disturbed murderer, Luka Magnotta.

The man was declared guilty of 1st degree murder and sentenced to prison for life (25 years) without parole plus another 19 years for 4 other charges. But now that M.Magnotta is comfortably in the Archambault Penitentiary,  he’s in need of some loving! Yes, ladies and gents, he joined a dating site!

Ok, yes. I believe who ever you are, we all need to be loved, right? But my question is… with what he did, with what he did to his former lover, who the hell would want to have a relationship with him? I would personally be afraid to be cut in little pieces while I am sleeping.

Of course, I believe that some inmates are able to “recover” and live a normal life after prison. But the kind of person that Magnotta is and his disturbing actions, murders… Huh… no.

Well… anyways, good luck to whoever will hook up with him…

FYI, he’s searching for a gentleman… sorry ladies!


Will they ever learn, change, evolve?

And it happened again. Innocent citizens were killed. Again.

Again a hate crime. Again a mass murder. Again a narrow-minded citizen. Again someone that shouldn’t have been allowed near a weapon.

To us, news like this from our southern neighbors and allies, it’s common news. It is VERY sad and shocking news. But common news. I want to say something about it, but I am speechless. It’s a major “facepalm” case. If Americans ever becomes extinct someday, it won’t be by terrorists from another country, it will be by their own hands. The country will explode by itself.

I cannot believe that a country, people, in 2015, still doesn’t believe in peace of life, respect, dealing with issues without violence, still believes in having loaded weapons all over the house and using them “because it’s their right and the guy stepped on my lawn”, is still hardcore racist and homophobic…. and I could go on…..

I know that it’s NOT EVERYONE. I realize this fact. But politicians and citizens refuses to change their thinking and by-laws towards weapons. One major problem. I mean, when a dog shoot his owner, and toddlers are killing their mothers but they all still leave weapons all around at children’s reach… we have a major issue.

And of course this easy access to weapons bring mass murders and hate murders. But hate shouldn’t lead someone to kill. You have the right to “not like”. But to kill? Does the Americans also have a genetic mental disorder? Something that drives them crazy, makes them kill and hate everyone on the planet but themselves? For their color? Because they are not American and white? Because they don’t like what you like and don’t live like you live and this without obligating you accomodate?

It’s been worst and worst through the years and the past few months…. What the hell is happening?

And it’s not only crimes against the black community, it’s also about how can a mentally disturbed teen/young man, that openly shows hate, can be allowed by parents around weapons and ammo to then enter a school and shoot everyone?

I am honestly unable to say anything constructive at this point. Words are hard to get out. I am sincerely sorry for my American neighbors, and yes, I am really beginning to “hate” them…. But I will just stay on my side of North America, and ignore you.


Same shit, different year.

I have been out of my “beloved” province of Quebec for nearly 2 months now (Feels good!). I came back a couple days for an appointment, that’s it. So I ain’t much aware of what is going on in this corner of the country. I don’t read news from TVA or RC anymore. Today, I talked to my mom on the phone for an hour or so, and she asked me: “Have you heard what they are doing again at the UQUAM?” Of course I didn’t, so she tells me. At this very moment, I just “facepalm” myself.

I think that pretty much the entire planet heard about the 2012 student manifestations in Montréal against the raise of education fees. At the time, I understood the “why”, but of course, they had to take it to another level: Breaking store windows, destroying cars, annoying simple citizens in the middle of the night, throwing stuff at officers, intimidating the students that wanted to get in class, etc. And of course, what ever happened, it was everyone else’s fault, not theirs. All this lasted forever, and in my head I was like: “You are complaining about education fees, but you have been months in the streets, trashing stuff, wasting the money you have put in your education.” Logic? None. What should have been done? A couple pacific manifestations, not more and a petition sent to the ministry. Period. Instead they’ve cost millions to the city for all the damage they have done and for the SPVM forces to try to keep control of those little simple-minded trouble makers (At the end I would have sooooo asked the army to get in).

So we are now in 2015, and here we go again. Students are back on the streets of Montréal, but this time it has NOTHING to do with education. Zero, nada! Just another reason to skip class and be an ass? Yeah, pretty much looks like it.

I am fine with raising your voice against what seems wrong, I would manifest for what I believe in, sign petitions and give some of my time/money, when I can, to causes I believe in. But this? Again? I thought that we were an intelligent, well educated, perspicacious, civilized and peaceful nation. Well, I should know better that 3/4 of the Montréal and province population don’t think ahead, don’t analyze, lives in the past and are stubborn and won’t search further than their little nose… or should I say belly button. Lived there, lived it. And yes, I repeat, I am an authentic french Canadian from the province of Québec, born in Montréal, raise in the suburbs. But my eyes are wide open and I have learn to be open-minded.

Anyways, students are back on the streets and they are repeating everything that happened in 2012, including being bullies to those who wants to learn. At this point, I don’t even know what to write over here. I am so disappointed and discouraged, just another shame to had to the list. I can only say “WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS AGAIN?”. Where is the logic? How is it okay to break everything, skip months of classes, bully, be threatening to police officers (and of course after complaining they were a little rough), break all the manifestation laws in place to make sure it’s secure to now make your right to manifest discutable? Do you think that anyone will listen to you? Why would they? You only show the smallness of your intelligence and lack of logic. I really hope in the future that when I’ll be in need of a lawyer or cardiac-surgeon, it won’t stumble upon one of them, i’ll be fucked…

WITCH HUNT: The Pitbull.

Since the beginning of time, men related on animals to help them. Horses for transportation, cows for milk, dogs for protection and hunting. Dogs… The animal, like the horse, that has been at the service of men since their domestication. He served along men in wars, he helped searching for lost children with police officers, he helped travel through the great North, he helped protect houses, assisted the impaired and made life bright again to the mentally challenged and the lonely.

The breeds used for those jobs are all breeds that were and are now considered “dangerous” and “not trustworthy” and/or are now considered the opposite: The German Shepherd, the Rottweiler, the Doberman Pinscher, the Newfoundland, the PitBull, the Bloodhound, the Malinois…

As surprising as it sounds to the average citizen of this world, dogs such as the gentle giant Newfoundland, was back then a guard dog, and still is, even though he “lost his job”. Fatal bites occurred. Same for the Bloodhound. But back then, the media (newspapers, reporters) reported news with FACTS. “This dog has bitten a man, it seems he didn’t listen to the owner’s warning to not get near. The dog is a guard dog attached to the barn.” This is the kind of news you would read back then. Today, it reads “A Pitbull has bitten a child. The end.” How? Why?  Who cares! A vicious dog as bitten a child! It’s the dog’s fault! That is how the media think and how they make their readers think. If the reporter says it, it must be right!

But back then, no breeds were blamed or banned, it was accidents. In our era, for some reason, we need to blame someone for our faults. So they wanted to ban the Doberman, the German Shepherd, the Rottweiler… and today, the Pitbull.

Let’s start with some FACTS on the breed.

The Pitbull, for starters, is not a breed. It is a common name for 3 different breeds: The American Staffordshire Terrier, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier and the American Pitbull Terrier. Three very different breeds but yet, very similar. The same general looks and temperament. But with some differences that you will be able to read through the links. You’ll also find their history. Now, throughout the post I will refer all breeds as “Pitbulls”.

Two of the most common beliefs on the breeds are jaw related.

1. The Pitbull can “lock” his jaw when biting: FALSE. First of all, it is biologically impossible for an animal’s or even human jaw to “lock”. The most extreme jaw behavior is the snake that can “dislocate” their jaw to swallow their prey. For the Pitty, what makes it seem like it locks is first the power in it and his will. The breeds were created for the most extreme “sports”/”work”, a fearless and strong willed dog was needed.

2. The Pitbull has the most powerful jaw, up to 2600 psi: FALSE. A NatGeo test determined an average of 235 pounds of pressure for the Pitbull…. The German Shepherd 238 pounds, and the Rottweiler a amazing 328 pounds!

As for the belief that the Pitbull has a unpredictable temperament, that he can suddenly turn against his owner, it’s a myth and not a myth. Let me explain. The Pitbull does not have a brain too big for the skull or a chemical that develops in the brain and drives the dog crazy. BUT, the Pitbull is a DOG, and all dogs can have a very unpredictable behavior if not well educated. And some breeds, like the Pitbull, needs more discipline and exercise than others. The lack of constance, exercise and discipline can be a major factor in bad behaviors including biting, and dogs are part of the wolf family, they need their to know their “place” in their family. But dog behavior is another story… post….

So for some reason, the media as now decided to take the Pitbull has their “star”: the murderer, the vicious, the unpredictable. Why? Who knows. But by their lack of professionalism to search for facts, they have convinced the population that the breed is not trustworthy, and together, they have convinced governments and municipal councils to ban the breed without further search. Working in the field, I have seen more aggressive Dachshund than Pitbull, a range of 1 Pit out of 15, for 5 out of 10 for the Dachshund. Small dogs under 15 pounds have more chances to bite by the way the owners “treat them”. But never will they be reported as their bite is not as damaging as the Pitbull’s or Husky, therefore, victims won’t go to the hospital or fill a report. So we don’t hear about them. But even the other breeds…. how many time have we had a Golden Retriever or Lab mix come in because they have bitten, and it went untold, but this or that Pitbull, the media was already on it before he was transfer to our shelter. I even had municipalities so misinformed and obsess by their by-law, they would create a witch hunt to find all Pitbulls on their territory to then call us to make them get rid of it.

The human being is too fast to judge, and canine racism is a thing. There is much I could say on the subject, I could go on and on with facts and how the breed that was once America’s favorite, suddenly became the number one public enemy. The Nanny dog is not trusted anymore to guard your kids…

For a scientific view, with facts, numbers, history, analysis and so on, I invite everyone to read The Pitbull Placebo, dog experts and first time puppy mom alike. It has become my bible on the subject.

And please, before adopting, make sure that it’s the right breed for you on every level: Energy, sensitivity to anxiety, how trainable, for first time owners or not, etc. You are adopting at a shelter? They can tell you approximately with what breed it is mixed and how the dog is. And dog handlers and dog trainers are there to help you if you need some tips.