No need for a scalpel.

So, you are thinking about getting a ball of purrs. And your old thinking is to get him declawed because you supposed that he will automatically destroy your couch. That’s what cats do, right? Destroy? Think again. Cats will claw specific materials to mark their territory but also to keep their claws sharp and groomed and to “take off a layer”. That’s why you regularly find claw layers everywhere they scratched.

Just get a nice cat tree or condo and teach them to use them. Like a dog, when you see the cat wanting to claw your 5000$ leather recliner, just say “no” and show him the right place and praise him for doing good. You can even spray the right places with some catnip spray to attract them there.

If you are a “Febreeze” kind of person, beware! If you spray your couch, do not spray the cat tree, the cat will associate the smell and claw both (Personal experience, hilarious! And I have well trained adult cats!).

Know also that a cat condo is essential as cats needs to be on top of things, observe from up high, have a place to escape. Not having cat furniture and high places for them to crawl on can lead to behavioural problems. See cat behaviour expert Jackson Galaxy for more.

Also be careful on the type of carpet you have on the tree. The soft fur like ones will not make them claw it as the claws have no grip when they scratch it.

Now some will be more “intense” with the clawing. Be patient. Cats don’t learn like dogs. Dogs likes to work and please, cats are free thinkers. If you are not ready to work hard and maybe have some “cat signatures” on your furniture and just want to go straight to declawing. Just don’t get a cat. Leave him to someone who will appreciate every piece of him!