The new P42 by-law (QC), responsible dog ownership and what all this means.

I am a former animal control officer. After doing care and counseling, I did 6 years in the law field. Until my non-profit shelter decided to let go 15 of us, very important and qualified personnel for, apparently, money reasons. But that’s another rant.

The province of Quebec has now adopted stronger laws when it comes to animal abuse. This law only applicable by MAPAQ accredited inspectors. I was. I have to say that this is good news. At some extent. Basically the law is the same, but the fines are higher and they can face jail time. The P42 is way better than it was a few years ago, but sadly, all this won’t make a big difference at this moment.

When I went to my training to be an inspector (training as explaining the new law and the paperwork), my team was the only team of actual well organized animal control officers, with experience on the field, laws, justice and intervention in all situations. Other SPCAs/SPAs have sent groomers, receptionists, a director. They absolutely have no clue what they are going to encounter on the field and what are citizens that you approach to apply a law.

When we got back at the shelter and got our files, I was sure it would be a piece of cake dealing with our municipal duties and the P42. We were 6 and at all time you just have to send a team west, a team east and a team on a P42 case (Puppy Mills) and do rotations. I was worried about the others that were with us in the class, but we were going to rock it. Oh! Was I in an illusion. Of course, the province asks for way more bizarre, repetitive paperwork than municipal charges. And of course, I was the one selected to do other’s paperwork. It was okay with me since I prefered applying municipal by-laws as we can apply them without hesitation. The province is more “scared”, for example, they wanted me to advise the owner that I was going to seize his 21 emaciated Huskies, on this date. I gave them the big “fuck you” and we went and seized them with a SQ backup. Advising the defendant is like the police calling a drug dealer to advise him they gonna do an operation tomorrow! The defendant is not stupid, he will disappear with all the proof. Quebec’s pencil pushers doesn’t get that. My operation was still a success.

But the general work we needed to do, the files that needed an update urgent or not, slept on the desk most of the time. My lazy coworkers and supervisor stating that they didn’t have the time, mostly because of the municipal contracts. LOADS OF BULLSHIT. I would have a lot to say about their laziness and lack of work etiquette, efforts and so on, but this is enough to say that probably many dogs are now dead or extremely in distress because of them. And then I think about that groomer and director that most, for real, not have much time to get through files. For me, the MAPAQ’s project was a disaster despite the good intentions. So for years, this was going forward as slow as a snail. And defendant that received accusations won’t pass in court until maybe 2 years and meanwhile, they can continue their activities. Everything and everyone is lacking in something. The last that I’ve known, my team is not better if not worst and the MAPAQ got for themselves inspectors that will be only doing this. The second one is good news.

Having a by-law like the P42 is not enough though. I’ve always that, for once, we should take example on some of our American neighbors to give some good hits to puppy mills and closet breeders. To start, a law should be adopted so that ALL petshop can only get their cats and dogs from shelters and rescues. Also, unless you are a Reg’ or PermReg’ in either The AKC or CKC and inspected, ALL dogs should be spayed/neutered. Same with cats. This would not only prevent backyard breeding, but accident breeding, behavior problems, health, etc.

But now, these measures doesn’t stop bad ownership. (Oh! And now pets are now considered as living being toward the law and not an object anymore! YAY!) Bad breeding is a part of bad irresponsible ownership, of course. But most people that gets a dog, have no clue how to educate one. First timers should be obligated with an ownership class and a puppy class. Not all dogs are for everyone and everyone is not for all dogs. Whether they are mixed or purebred, all breeds have their own character, level of energy, grooming needs, etc. But sadly, 98% of the population will get a dog for their looks or because they feel badass with this breed. These poor choices ends up with aggression, abandonment, and even cruelty due to lack of patience. The first mistake when a human brings home a dog, is to think that the dog is “human” and therefore, they will treat him like a baby human. Canines have their own way, their own hierarchy, their own view on life. To have the summum relationship with your dog, you have to think like a dog, you have to realize they need exercise and structure. Losing patience and use violence will only aggravate things. Massive seances of information should rain down the population to prevent all that we see and hear about biting, bad care, and mistreatment.

Dog trainers, the majority of them, never had any experiences in canine behavior. Worst, when I tried to find a “school” to become a dog handler, to perfect my experience, and I was baffled to learn that there is NO program, school or whatever (QC). This means that just anyone can claim to be a dog handler and make money on your back. So how can I prove my worth? I have been helping former neighbors with their dogs issues, and now, it goes smoothly, they told me how happy they were and thank me. So should I start my own  dog information, behaviour help “company”? It would be a sideline most probably but… I don’t want to be labeled as a fraud, despite my officer, care and so on, experience. Who could counsel me on this project?… Oh! dear.

Meanwhile, inform yourselves if the breed(s) fits you, get counseling on raising a dog, spay-neuter the dog, give them GOOD food, exercise, grooming, and enjoy the cuddles!




There’s something fishy.

Eight years ago, a child disappeared in Trois-Rivières, province of Québec. Her name is Cédrika Provencher. She was 9 years old. Now, why the title of this post, why do I think there’s something fishy…? Here it goes…

Cédrika is one out of many that disappeared without a trace and are still to be found. You can see it on the Missing Children Society of Canada, and there’s quite a few in Québec, and I wonder if some are not on the website. But for the past years and today, in the news, everywhere, the only child you hear of is Cédrika; Articles, press releases, air time in the evening news, and we are talking about all the time since she disappeared. And it’s not the end of it, a foundation and… a movie! Why does she have so much attention from the medias for all those years, still today, and there’s all those other children still missing, that seems like everyone as forgotten? They are important too, no?

I don’t like this. Not only it smells bad but it’s not fair for the other parents that are still grieving the loss of their child, it’s not fair for those children that are waiting to be found. They are shadowed by all this publicity and their hope is taken away. I will even have the guts to say that it looks like a money thing…. Yes, I will go there and say it out loud!

Thank god, they started to talk again about the native teens that disappeared, and those who were killed…But it seems it didn’t last. Sadly, natives are the most forgotten.

So please, check out the website, there’s not only “her” somewhere out there…


La Lune Pleure – Okoumé

Okoumé is a French-Canadian band from the Iles de la Madeleine, in Québec. The eponym album that contains that song was released in 1997. Sadly, the band has split up after two albums and only the lead singer, Jonathan Painchaud, really continued in the business as a solo singer. “La Lune Pleure” is one of many songs on this album that was an absolute hit. Their style contains some Québec slang but not too much. I have always related to this song since it first came out, and I still do today. I have translated again the song at the best of my capacities. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.. I remember seeing at the time an official video from the band, but I cannot find it. Sorry.


La lune pleure et dans son coeur ,la folie (The moon is crying and in her heart, madness)
De reprendre sa vie, changer ce pays en oubli (To start over her life, change this country in a forgotten place)
Quand elle s’endort elle rêve encore d’étrangers (When she falls asleep, she still dreams of foreigners)
Il est trop tard pour la juger (It’s too late to judge her)
Elle est tombée dans le guêpier (She fell in the trap)

Alors elle dit tout va bien (So she says, it’s alright)
Elle n’a pas peur de s’enfoncer plus loin (She’s not afraid to get deeper)
Alors elle pleure et dans ses yeux (So she cries and in her eyes)
Une lueur plus brûlante que le feu (A light more burning than fire)

Son passé un peu chambardé lui saute au nez (Her troubled past keeps coming back)
Elle ne peut même plus respirer (She can’t even breath anymore)
L’air qu’on lui a donné (The air given to her)
Trois jours plus tard elle tient encore son ennui (Three days later, she still holds her lethargy)
Elle s’est cachée dedans sa voûte ( She has hidden in her vault)
Aux parois fatiguées (With worned out walls)

Alors elle dit tout va bien (So she says, it’s alright)
Elle n’a pas peur de s’enfoncer plus loin (She’s not afraid to go deeper)
Alors elle pleure et dans ses yeux (So she cries and in her eyes)
Une lueur plus brûlante que le feu (A light more burning than fire)

Plus le temps passe plus elle vieillit elle aussi (As time passes, she too, gets older)
Sa vie se passe comme un glacier (Her life is passing by like a glacier
Dont la fonte est précipitée ( which the melting is accelerated)

Alors elle dit tout va bien (So she says, it’s alright)
Elle n’a pas peur de s’enfoncer plus loin (She’s not afraid to go deeper)
Alors elle pleure et dans ses yeux (So she cries and in her eyes)
Une lueur plus brulante que le feu (A light more burning than fire)

Alors elle dit tout va bien (So she says, it’s alright)
Elle n’a pas peur de s’enfoncer plus loin (She’s not afraid to go deeper)
Alors elle pleure et dans ses yeux (So she cries and in her eyes)
Une lueur plus brulante que le feu (A light more burning than fire)

Ma vie – Bruno Pelletier

Posted through my iPad, if the post is not right it will be corrected in a few days when access to my laptop.

Bruno Pelletier is one of Québec’s finest voice. Powerful, full of emotions, he was in the original cast of the musical Notre-Dame de Paris originally set in Montréal along side with Garou, Daniel Lavoie and Patrick Fiori. “Ma vie” is one of his less known songs from his first solo album, and to my opinion, the best love song ever. His style is not in Quebec slangs but clean french. I have translated the song but was a bit rough for me to get the feeling of it.


Si tu veux, je serai ce pays quand tu auras soif d’exil 

(If you want, i’ll be this country, when in need of exil)

Je serai ce pont qui relie nos vies qui basculent sur un fil

(I’ll be this bridge that brings together our lives that hangs on a thread)

Je serai cet arbre qui penche pour qu’à mes branches tu t’accroches

(I’ll be this tree leaning, for you to hang on my branches)

Et ce tapis de feuilles mortes pour nos quelques folies d’automne

(And this leaf litter for some of our autumn craziness)

Ma vie… Ma vie…Ma vie c’est toi

Ma vie… Ma vie… Ma vie pour toi

(My life… My life… My life is you… My life…. My life….. My life for you)

Je serai l’escalier qui mène au toit que tu auras choisi

(I’ll be the the stairs that goes to roof that you have chosen)

Je peindrai les mots que tu aimes aux quatre murs de tes envies

(I’ll paint the words that you love on the 4 walls of your desires)

J’irai au plus profond de moi te faire une place au soleil

(I’ll go deep inside of me to make you a space in the sun)

J’irai où jamais on ne va si c’est pour que tu t’émerveilles

(I’ll go where no one goes if it’s to marvel you)

Ma vie….. Ma vie… Ma vie c’est toi

Ma vie… Ma vie…Ma vie pour toi

(My life… My life… My life is you… My life…. My life….. My life for you)

Je serai ce temps qu’il nous reste si c’est de l’amour qu’il te faut

(I’ll be this time we have left if it’s love that you need)

Car l’univers qui me ressemble, c’est dans tes yeux qu’il se balance

(Because the universe that represents me is hanging in your eyes)

Ma vie… Ma vie… Ma vie c’est toi

Ma vie… Ma vie… Ma vie pour toi

Pour toi…

(My life… My life… My life is you… My life…. My life….. My life for you…. For you)


So, why don’t we get along again?

Little me saw my first human, a doctor, in downtown Montréal in 1979. I lived there a few years, moved once or two… but my entire life, from 1985 to 2004, I lived in a north suburb called Repentigny. Its approximately 15 minutes from Montréal via the highway, but a bridge on the other side got us right in the island.

I had the chance to have parents that were bilingual. My father, an engineer at CN Rails, talk both french and english with me since birth, TV shows at home were in both languages. My parents were very neutral when it came to the province’s extreme political views, and I am thankful that I grew in this environment. In comparison to some of my fellow Quebecers from my generation and those after, I consider i’ll be able to work anywhere, interact with everyone and be able to survive on my own everywhere, as I am fluent in the international language. Not only this, as a kid, I have learned to have no prejudice, never knew what racism was: One of my babysitter was a black Haitian, one of my neighbors that would “borrow me” were hardcore Italians, there’s homosexuals in my family, and so on.

You would think that Montréal, as a multicultural major Québec city, the citizens would be “tolerant”. Yeah…. No… Forget it. The suburbs are worst. For that reason (but there’s also others), I’ve always wanted to get out of the province, and yes, I am an authentic French-Canadian from the province of Québec, believe or not.

So when I moved near Ottawa, but on the Québec side, I got close to my goal. I also been able to go deeper  in Ontario and interact with Ontarians and people from other provinces and I am sold! They tend to say that us Quebecers are a warm, social population. Hum.. No, at least not as much as you would think. I have experienced true warmth, and you can find it in the rest of Canada. You see and feel that the rest of Canada is happy, welcoming, very social. Everything that I wasn’t used too. In Quebec, you don’t often get that Tim Horton’s girl joking with you even though she does not know you, you get the one that doesn’t like her job. So you get the basic chatty-chat. So yes, I have this reserved personality by default, yet I am enjoying the happy-go-lucky personality I get here and brings my social side out!

I will still miss Montréal once in a while, I mean, you can take a girl out of Montréal but you can’t take Montréal out of a girl! But I don’t want to look back, life-wise and for what I have mentioned earlier.

Now, Quebecers, when they talk about Ontarians, it’s never positive. My ex-supervisor was the worst. It was exasperating. For some reasons that we don’t know, there’s an ongoing war between the two provinces, but I do suspect it’s more Québec that creates one. Insecure, selfish and easy to bend under fear domination, the Québec population tends to believe thing that at the end are absolutely ridiculous. Mostly the ones that absolutely doesn’t know a word of english. For example, a certain party and the french league says that if we don’t “separate”, and authorize bilingualism and such, the french language will disappear. How completely absurd! A french born family will always keep their language alive within the family and community, like the Italian families and Portuguese. And even better since Québec is originally french! And it’s not because a person knows other languages and that there’s bilingual signs, that the french language will disappear from Québec. No, It will only make it more FRIENDLY. Mostly since this government actually decides if I will send my kid to a french or english school… very smooth, Qc, thanks for controlling my life… I sometimes wonder if I won’t ever get a fine for watching movies in english or if the Sureté du Québec will knock to my door when I leave Québec to bring me back!

We have the most beautiful country, but we can’t get along. Why? And if someone brings up the Abraham Plains battle and such, I’ll freaking slap them in the head “GET OVER IT”! We are more intelligent than this!? And why not declare war and ignore the Germans because of their past while we are at it?